About Charzette

The Beginning

Everyone always wants to know how I got into dog training. The honest answer is simply Sylvia. At 18 years old I adopted the cutest puppy, who I was definitely not ready for. I immediately started consuming every dog training book I could. It would be a couple of years before the realization that I could live my dream of being a dog trainer would occur.


I began with training my own girl, who has resource guarding issues and likes her personal bubble. From there I started working in doggy daycare, allowing me to grow a sixth sense for when pups decide to go rogue. I then began teaching basic obedience classes for groups of 10 puppies, and then 10 adult dogs, owners accompanying. From there I moved to one-on-one basic obedience and behavior modification training. Most of my training is on the job, with a bit of training at a facility I worked at for a couple of years.


The moment of truth: why do I do this? Dogs are messy, loud and frustrating. The answer is simple: I want to help dogs stay in their homes. I've seen too many dogs given up simply because their owners didn't have time for them or didn't know how to find common ground with them. From walking your pup when you need to work all day to teaching dogs and owners how to effectively manage resource guarding or leash aggression, I'm here to help maintain or achieve a harmonious home life.